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Dougie Brimson. Author, screenwriter, serial moaner.

An interview with author Dougie Brimson (warning: it’s long!)

I’ve posted this as a page on my blog but thought it might be useful to post it as a standard blog as I know some people have connections set … Continue reading

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The joy of an eBook author!

As anyone who knows me will be well aware, I have an intense dislike of the festive period and in actual fact, am something of a Grinch. There are all … Continue reading

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I’m a mid-list author and I earn my living by writing books that sell. What’s wrong with that?

I have an admission to make: my name is Dougie Brimson and I am a professional author. That isn’t as an introduction to some kind of warped writers anonymous group … Continue reading

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No More Mr Nice Guy.

The other day someone levelled an accusation at me. I have, apparently, mellowed. Initially, I dismissed this outrageous slur out of hand but as they pointed out, my blog, which … Continue reading

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Apologies for the lack of any fresh blogs recently but life has been a bit hectic in Brimson Towers of late and time to sit down and work on anything … Continue reading

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Hillsborough… and other stuff.

The other day, whilst trawling the internet in one of my all too frequent bouts of boredom, I stumbled across a link which took me to a message board. Nothing … Continue reading

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Things That Annoy Me (Part Two – Women)

Since my last blog, I’ve received numerous mails supporting my thoughts on those morons who hog the middle lane on motorways as well as suggestions for future topics to write … Continue reading

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