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Screenwriting: Is age discrimination an actual thing?

In my last blog (Why the film world doesn’t owe you a living) I made the point that as a 56 year old male, the chances of you ‘breaking through’ … Continue reading

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How NOT to sell your eBook.

This morning, whilst staring out of the window at the white-out that karma is continuing to inflict on me to keep me off my motorbike as punishment for my former ill-deeds, it … Continue reading

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The Lad Bible

Hi all, just a quick note to apologise for the lack of any updates recently. I’m currently snowed under with work on my new book ‘Wings of a Sparrow’ as … Continue reading

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Why I love my readers (and why their reviews are so important!)

Over the last couple of years you might have noticed that the world of the ebook has changed publishing out of all recognition. This is particularly true for mid-list authors … Continue reading

March 15, 2012 · 18 Comments

An interview with author Dougie Brimson (warning: it’s long!)

I’ve posted this as a page on my blog but thought it might be useful to post it as a standard blog as I know some people have connections set … Continue reading

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Football…. enough said

I have recently received a number of emails asking me why I rarely seem to blog about football these days. It is after all the subject of most of my books … Continue reading

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 Following a recent discussion about multi-tasking and the apparent inability of the average male to carry out more than one function at a time, I had intended to write a … Continue reading

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