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The rise of UKIP and the one fact people seem to be avoiding.

219c1-politicalcorrectness1It’s not often I’ll blog on the subject of politics because generally speaking, I’ve no real interest in debating my personal beliefs with other people.

However, as a Falklands veteran I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m a fan of Lady Thatcher nor that I hate the left with a passion. Nor have I hidden the fact that whilst I always voted Tory, that changed the day they took the shameful and ill thought out decision to scrap the Harrier and replace it with… well, nothing yet.

To many of course, my love of Mrs T marks me out as some kind of raving Nazi/homophobe/racist/rapist/child molester/tax evader/bigot* (*delete as appropriate) which is fine. This is after all a democracy despite what many seem to think and so we are all entitled to opinions. However, recently something has happened which has piqued my interest. It involves, not surprisingly, the rise of UKIP as a political force.

Now I’m sure you’ve read the papers and watched the news recently so you won’t need me to tell you what’s been going on and you will also have no doubt seen that the reaction from both left and right has been predictably rabid.

Yet to me, something fundamental is going on here. For when I watch the news and see members of the public being interviewed about why they have (or intend to) tick the UKIP box on the ballot sheet, they all seem to have one thing in common and it’s a thing no one seems to be noticing; they’re almost universally either middle aged or elderly.

Of course, the lunatic left make the argument that another thing these people have in common is that they’re almost all white and therefore, must be racist. An accusation which is not only laughable, but offensive for fairly obvious reasons. Indeed, some of the things I’ve seen written about the average UKIP voter borders on hysteria. One tweeter even told me in all seriousness that she believed that UKIP was underpinned by members of the EDL, the BNP and Combat 18. Madness.

However, by being so quick to wield the racism card (always their favoured weapon of suppression) against the very people who were building this country in the days when multiculturalism was barely even a word let alone a concept, what the loons fail to realise is that they are actually reinforcing the very reason why so many British citizens are embracing what Farage & Co are saying. And every time they attack those same people for being little Englanders, out of touch, old fashioned, homophobic, Islamophobic or anything else they care to throw out, they simply hammer another nail into their increasingly redundant argument because the simple truth is that the silent majority are sick and tired of being on put on the defensive whilst being forced to listen to lie after lie whilst watching their lifelong efforts being dismissed and their taxes squandered. Just as importantly, they are tired of sitting and watching whilst this once great nations history and traditions are being eroded and our inbred sense of tolerance and fair play abused.

Or to put it another way, UKIP have finally provided the platform for a long suppressed but increasingly discontented middle England to stir and cry enough is enough. And about bloody time too.

I don’t agree with everything UKIP stand for but I make no apology for the fact that I think they are a long overdue breath of fresh air to British politics and if, as seems likely, they’re going to give the established parties a kick up the arse if not a bloody nose, then they’ve got my vote.

Because if the political system in this country has been screaming out for one thing, it’s exactly that. 


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My comedy novel, Wings of a Sparrow seems to be creating a bit of a buzz film wise which, given that it started out as a film script, is quite exciting.

Hopefully, I’ll have some news on that very soon as well as of another project which if anything, is even more exciting as it’s very close to being greenlit.

Speaking of which, my next movie is close to being announced and with We Still Kill The Old Way doing well, it certainly is an exciting times!



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10 comments on “The rise of UKIP and the one fact people seem to be avoiding.

  1. Alan
    October 14, 2014

    You make totally valid points in all quarters. I’m Scottish. I’m SNP, and through the years with our political differences being what they are I do believe we do have something in common. We agree that the United Kingdom through the past 20 years or so has had no leaders like Thatcher. Though it in a way pains me to say it because I’m from Scotland, that’s neither here nor there. I have to be honest. Hence the situation the United Kingdom is now.
    It’s not rocket science.
    If I may just finish on this. The majority of people who voted no in Scotland seen a path out of this mess. But as we know it didn’t happen.
    If it turns out we don’t get independence then I’m all for someone with balls to get this politically correct country sorted out. You and I know it’s not Cameron Milliband Etc.
    Interesting times ahead one would say Eh?

    • Dougie Brimson
      October 14, 2014

      Absolutely Alan. I think the next few months are going to be extremely interesting.

  2. john Bonnewell
    October 14, 2014

    I absolutely agree with every word. Especially your interpretation of the Race Card suppression. Whilst Cameron supports every criminal and terrorist. Mr King MP recently complained at people calling paedophiles, paedophiles. So whats next?

  3. Stuart Harvey
    October 14, 2014

    I agree with the majority of what is written here. Paragraph three though, marks you out as none of those. A little misguided but none of those. And you have my greatest respect and envy for being a Falklands Vet, even if you were a crabfat. My brother served down there on Alacrity and I was not allowed to join and wouldn’t have finished training even if I had got in. An my qualification for the term crabfat is 18 years on Submarines. To all the non service folk that read this, crabfat is a term of endearment.

    UKIP is a breath of fresh air in the current political scene. Both the left and right are fighting themselves to be seen as being the middle ground and are going nowhere fast. I did once write UKIP off as being tory lite but I am beginning to think that the tories are UKIP lite.

    What we need is a mixture of left and right. Not middle of the road but a true mix. And we need flexibility. The parties are so focused on what they see as the best course of action they miss the opportunity to fine tune. This is something that breathes fresh air with UKIP. Nigel muses policy to the media and then goes and thinks about it. UKIP are not afraid to make mistakes. You must have done the odd leadership course so you will know what I mean.

    • Dougie Brimson
      October 14, 2014

      Stuart, my point was that all of those accusations have been thrown at me in recent months. I know I’m none of them, nor do I think I’m misguided.

      Opinionated possibly. 🙂

  4. Michael Yeovil
    November 24, 2014

    Full respect to your Dougie. I am middle aged and white, so fit the stereotypical image of a UKIP supporter – which I am. The one thing the stands me out as being none-stereotypical is I am very happily married, and have been for fifteen years to a Turkish Muslim woman . We often talk politics regarding issues in her own native country and of course mine. The other day when we were watching the Rochester by-election results she said something quite profound to me. She said ” I really don’t get you Brits sometimes, a man wants to make sure he controls the borders and choose which type of people enter the country and he ia labelled a racist. In Turkey he would be regarded as speaking common sense and treated as someone who is proud of his country “…strange world isn’ it!!

    • Dougie Brimson
      November 24, 2014

      Thank you Michael. Your wife sounds staggeringly sensible! 🙂

  5. David Ryman
    April 9, 2015

    UKIP are a breath of Politically in-Correct fresh air

  6. Bob Parker
    April 9, 2015

    I was a visitor at Fazakerly teaching hospital in Liverpool a few years ago. I noticed a nurse who I spoken few times was agitated. I asked her if she was ok. She told me she had just been to union meeting where it was announced that the latest batch of nurses to qualify would all be finished.
    She told me the hospital management would rather get nurses from over seas as their governments were paying their wages and it reduced the hospital wage bill. The reason the nurse was so angry was in the media were reporting a shortage of trained staff and that was the reason foreign nurses were being brought in.
    I never trusted these weasels in government, it is time for a change from the 3 main parties, they look the same, sound the same and between them seem determined to destroy British culture.

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