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The joy of Screenwriting. Honest guv.

writer, brimson, lazy, ebooks, amazon, itunes, screenwriting, author, novel, green street, sex, monkey, imac, windowsThe other day, whilst talking to someone about the process of writing, the subject turned to Top Dog and the task of adapting my own novel to the big screen.

This, they claimed, would be easier than writing a ‘real’ film because I already had the advantage of knowing both the story and the characters inside out.

Later, as they were recovering in Accident and Emergency (well, they certainly were in my head) I pointed out to them that the exact opposite is true. Primarily because it ceases to be ‘my’ story the second a producer shows an interest.

Instead, from that point on it becomes about writing a treatment and then a script which would excite and entice directors, financiers and actors and as a result, things have to be tweaked, added and/or deleted to give it that wow-factor and make it appeal. And by things, I mean scenes and roles all of which meant work for me.

The whole process begins again when people actually do start to come on board for each of them have their own ideas and thoughts all of which relate to the script and all of which involve additional writing. It becomes even more complicated when the director becomes attached because from that point it becomes his movie and as such, I as the writer, am at his beck and call.

Now I know there will people reading this thinking that I’m exaggerating but to put it into perspective, tomorrow I will be working on the fifth rewrite of the script for Top Dog. A script remember, which is based on a novel I actually wrote! By any stretch of the imagination, especially for someone like me who still has no idea how they’re getting away with it, that’s a tough ask.

And at times, it has been tough. Sitting and listening to your work being ripped to shreds gives new meaning to the term soul-destroying but -and this is the lesson I’d give to any writer who finds themselves in the same position- when you are confident in the people doing the shredding and know that all they want to do is improve your work, it becomes an incredible learning experience and when it all comes together, is fantastically rewarding.

But boy, will I be glad when it’s over. Although the truth is that this is only the first stage. There are things lurking on the horizon which are already giving me cold sweats! More of that nearer the event!


football, self publishing, soccer, money, inheritance, premiership, england, watford, zola, football, soccer, brimson, wembley, crystal palace, top dog, green streetI’m delighted and not a little excited to announce that I have signed a deal with publisher Caffeine Night to put Wings of a Sparrow into print. The book should be out in August and will be available in all major bookstores.

Caffeine Nights will also be reissuing The Crew later this year and will be producing a movie-tie in of Top Dog next year. More news on that here

And on the subject of Top Dog, there should be some big news announced within the next couple of weeks so please keep an eye out.

Exciting times!

3 comments on “The joy of Screenwriting. Honest guv.

  1. jivan
    June 23, 2013

    your article is very informative . Director will using his creativity while making movie out of fiction. it is easy for story to work as ‘creative director or visualizer’ for movie version of our fiction especially for sci-fiction, horror or CGI driven fiction.
    feel free to visit my blog to know more about me…

  2. H.E. Coleman
    June 29, 2013

    If you really want to put it in perspective, think of all the writers out there who work their asses off to write books, or screenplays, or screenplays out of their books that no one will ever read because they can’t get an agent to open a query letter, much less read their manuscript to turn it into a book in the first place. If anyone anywhere cares enough to offer you a read, much less a paycheck, thank your lucky stars. Hopefully your book was what you wanted it to be, but anything on a screen comes from a collaborative effort. Once you realize that you’re part of a team it should be easier to let go and trust in others to either make it what it was meant to be, or drive it off a cliff until it explodes into a hunk of burning wreckage. Either way, you’re getting paid to make words on paper, and if you want to take over the crappy job I work making $14 an hour so I can write on my summers off, I’ll trade you any day of the week.

    H.E.Coleman, author of The Thief, the Sheriff, his Bitch, and a Bastard

    • Dougie Brimson
      June 29, 2013

      With respect, I don’t have an agent so everything that comes my way is grafted for, and the only person doing that graft is me. As a consequence, I appreciate it more and in certain respects am closer and more protective of it.

      But equally, every lesson is hard earned and letting go of something was one of the hardest.

      However, you seem to assume that everything I write gets published or made. I bloody wish!

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