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The Unsung Joy

Recently, whilst undergoing the trauma of a Virgin trains journey from Watford to Manchester, I met a woman. She was middle aged, expensively dressed, stunningly pretty in a Helen Mirren type of way and remarkably intelligent. All attributes which marked her out as being on a slightly different social and intellectual plane than myself. Indeed, it’s fair to say that in any other circumstance, we would never have met in a million years. However, on this occasion, fate threw us together and as a result, we spent two glorious hours sharing one of those experiences which come along all to rarely but which, when they do, leave you glowing with fulfilment and achievement. Sad to say, we never even exchanged names and when she left the train at Stafford, we both knew that we would never meet again. But we’re adults and we knew what we were doing. So why not?

What did we do? Well, we moaned. Non-stop. Not just about Richard Branson and his trains, but about the Labour Party, today’s youth, the weather and even the state of English football (not a subject I would never normally enter into with a female but hey…). It was fantastic.

Reflecting on our conversation as I went on to eventually complete my journey some hour and a half late, I realized how much I love a good moan. It isn’t just good for the soul it’s good fun. Which is a good job really, because I have a lot to moan about. After all, not only have I been cursed with decidedly average looks, but I’ve always been a bit on the ‘plump’ side. Add this to the fact that I began losing my hair quite early on in life and an arse the size of the Isle of Wight and you can see why I harbour a deep rooted resentment toward my parents. To make matters even worse, in my teens, I developed an affection for Watford football club. And whilst that was great at first, I have since learnt the full implications of such an obsession. Especially the financial ones! I could go on, but you get the drift.

However, since I’ve been writing, I’ve learnt that moaning has other benefits. For not only does it provide a much-needed outlet for frustration and stress, it is also a fabulous defence mechanism. Let’s face it, being a pessimist means you are rarely disappointed.

But more importantly, moaning is actually a valuable and under appreciated research tool. Listening to people moan can be an incredibly useful and informative experience because unlike any other form of communication, moaning is completely disarming. After all, we only really do it when we feel passionate about something and you can’t fake that like you can flattery or self-importance. It’s as real as it gets. And when you get that degree of feeling, that’s when you get truth and genuine opinion. Two things that are vital if you’re a writer searching for information or even some inspirational dialogue.

So please bare that in mind the next time you get on a train and the only empty seat is next to a big bald miserable looking bloke. It might be me and you could be just the person I’m looking for.

6 comments on “The Unsung Joy

  1. Timm Z
    July 4, 2010

    I always find public transportation an interesting experience. Old pensioners rarely get the respect they deserve, as well as disabled folks (me-I use a walking stick). They are often made to stand whilest some perfectly healthy spoiled brat looks at you strangely when you ask them to get up and offer their seat to someone who is obviously having trouble balancing themselves between stops, etc. The complaint dept is always open, and I quite enjoy a chat with someone’s old Old girl.

  2. purplediva
    July 4, 2010

    What a fantastic piece of fiction Mr Brimson. As you and I both know, you never moan…….. 🙂

  3. Ann Hawkins
    July 4, 2010

    It might be good for your research to hear people moan but it drives me nuts. Whenever someone starts I take the opposite view and argue with them (even if I don’t believe in the cause I’m espousing). Disappointingly most people won’t argue back, which leads me to believe that most moaners have no balls, but when they do the resulting lively debate is much more invigorating than a shared moaning session….

    • dougiebrimson
      July 4, 2010

      I agree in part…. but arguing is so destructive! And nowhere near as much fun as a good bout of self-pity! 🙂

    • Dave Brimson
      July 21, 2010

      Ann, I’d love to debate that with you on behalf of my cousin! Unfortunately I’m too busy moaning and scratching my balls…

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