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Dougie Brimson. Author, screenwriter, serial moaner.

Dougie Brimson Interview

Originally posted on Of Pitch & Page:
Photo Alexey Shlyk In 1996, Dougie and Eddy Brimson wrote a groundbreaking, insider’s account of British football violence. 20 years on, Everywhere We…

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Please note: I have moved the blog!!!!

 Please note that I have moved my blog to a new address. You can now find it at http://writers.dougiebrimson.com/ See you there….. Dougie

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Why ‘write what you know’ is the best advice you’ll ever hear.

In terms of advice handed to potential scribes, be they of the book or screenplay variety, ’write what you know’ is fairly standard fare. Ironically, it’s a piece of guidance … Continue reading

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Why Russia absolutely MUST host the 2018 World Cup.

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the furore surrounding FIFA, calls have been made to strip both Russia and Qatar of their respective world cups. Whilst I totally agree with … Continue reading

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Screenwriting and the art of the opportunity.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst trawling through my hard drive searching for something I’d written an age ago, I stumbled across a folder which contained the first draft of … Continue reading

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Why we love football.

As someone who frequently finds themselves in conversation with people from every end of pretty much every spectrum on which human life sits, I often find myself responding to questions … Continue reading

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The Appeal of Clarkson.

I’ve had a few people contact me this morning asking me to explain the appeal of Jeremy Clarkson. Now it is indeed true that Jezza is something of a Marmite … Continue reading

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